October 11 through 20

WEEK EIGHT: Days Four and Five

WEEK NINE: Days One through Five

Second Nine Weeks Begins

WEEK TEN: Days One and Two

Unit Theme:

Analyzing and synthesizing information from a variety of reliable sources, the student will prepare a research paper that is focused, organized, and polished.

Unit Skill:

True research requires the researcher to analyze and synthesize information from a variety of reliable sources.

Unit Essential Questions:

How can I develop my topic statement to reflect my purpose?

How can I determine if I have enough information?


A. The teacher and class will review the steps in the research process so far completed:

  • Clarify what to do: choose a topic and a backup topic; do exploratory reading about topic; write a research proposal and a working thesis
  • Gather data/material: create a working bibliography or list of sources; gather all the resources available; determine if there is enough information available to write on the topic (or if there is too much information to meet the length requirements)
  • Locate, Examine, Read, Record Sources: locate sources; read quickly to find the best sources; read and take notes; optional - conduct original research (e.g., interviews)

B. The teacher will present a PowerPoint presentation on ORGANIZING FOR WRITING. Main points include the following:

  • Reevaluate notes and select those most relevant
  • Turn the working thesis into a carefully worded thesis statement
  • Turn the thesis into a working outline that grows out of the thesis statement
  • Gather more information on any sections that are to weak
  • Turn the working outline into a formal outline
  • Write the research paper in thirty minutes (a miniature version)

D. HOMEWORK: Students should continue to spend at least four hours in research (i.e., reading or exploring the library), as well as writing, during the next three days.