September 13


Unit Theme:

Analyzing and synthesizing information from a variety of reliable sources, the student will prepare a research paper that is focused, organized, and polished.

Unit Skill:

True research requires the researcher to analyze and synthesize information from a variety of reliable sources.

Unit Essential Question:

What is the process for an effective research plan?


A. Students, having begun to make source cards for whatever sources he/she will use for information, and having read "Compiling a Working Bibliography," Section 1.5, pages 31 - 33, will begin now to compile a working bibliography.

B. Students will LOOK OVER 1.4, "Conducting Research, " pages 8 - 31. As they scan and read particular sections, students will compile a list of questions to ask Mrs. Price, the school librarian.

(She, in turn, can point you to local sources in the community. Here are possible questions for her: What possible resources are available locally? What constitutes a reliable source? How does the evaluation of resources impact the outcomes of the search question? What information is relevant? Where can information be found? What technology is available to me and how can I use it? In addition to her expertise, find answers to these questions, by READING 1.6, "Evaluating Sources," pages 33 - 38.)

C. HOMEWORK: Students should spend at least four hours in research (i.e., reading or exploring the library) during the next two days.