October 4 through 8

Dear Students,

I am away this week on a photography adventure in Arizona. What follows are the assignments that you will complete until I return. Enjoy the selections and be productive.

WEEK SEVEN: Days Four and Five

WEEK EIGHT: Days One, Two, Three

PART ONE: The Art of Reading

Daily watch the DVD series The Art of Reading for the first 25 minutes of class.

As students watch each segment, they will complete the specific fill-in-the-blank packet for the specific day:

1. Monday: “Reading for Plot – Five Simple Words” (Lecture 8)

2. Tuesday: “Master Plots – The Stranger and the Journey” (Lecture 9)

3. Wednesday: “The Game is Afoot – Sherlock Holmes” (Lecture 10)

4. Thursday: “The Plot Thickens – Scott and Bronte” (Lecture 11)

5. Friday: “The Plot Vanishes – Faulkner and Woolf” (Lecture 12)

Students will turn in all these completed sheets on Friday at the end of class.

PART TWO: Note card assignment

Student should be bringing resources and note cards to class to continue work on their research papers.

They will need at least 40 note cards by October 11.

If any are not working on his or her note cards, that student must complete the paragraph assignment for the appropriate DVD segment above. The substitute has the assignments for each day.